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Southern Italian surnames

In this article we are going to detail the most recognized Southern Italian surnames. The Regions of the SOUTH of ITALY will be shown, with their respective Original Surname of each Region.


Characterized for being one of the most famous islands in the world. Sicily shows its historical participation full of culture and tradition. It belongs to the Italian territory, being the largest island in that country. Having the greatness of being able to share the water of the Ionian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Mediterranean. Its beauties and culture make it one of the beautiful jewels of Italy.

Although today it belongs to the Italian territory. Sicily was a nation that for many years had its own independence. Throughout history this region has undergone many political changes, from which come the fact that it has its own culture, history and teachings.

Its inhabitants have been located in this region since prehistory, specifically, since the Paleolithic era. Already at the time of colonization, Silicia was invaded and occupied by the Phoenicians, making it popular among neighboring peoples. The following year Greece colonized it establishing very important provinces, as was Syracuse. In the 5th century, a great invasion began by the Carthaginians. This island was used, many times as a command center for war strategies.

After so many wars and strategies, it was in 1946 that Silicia became part of the Italian territory. That same year was when that country could become a Republic.

Provinces of the SICILY Region and original ITALIAN surnames

Being a large island, Sicily is made up of 7 provinces, which are: Ragusa, Messina, Palermo, Enna, Caltanissrtta, Agrigento and Catania. Being the cradle of so many governments, its intellectual and cultural wealth grew a lot. So great characters were born in that region such as: Accordino Giuseppe who was a philosopher, Airoldi Marcantonio scientist, Aliotta Antonio philosopher, among many.


The most common surnames in Sicily are Calabria, Crotoneo, Ferrara, and Marino. The characteristic of Sicilian surnames belongs to the origins of the region.

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SOUTHERN ITALIAN Surnames in Apulia

The name of the APULIA Region comes from its ancient population called Apulios, which were found in the central part of this region before Roman times. Specifically from the first millennium BC by both Illyrian and Italic peoples, making it a fairly important area due to its archaeological discoveries. The ancient Romans when conquering it after the wars with Egypt, turned this territory into a great exporter of oil and cereal.

After the collapse of Rome, Apulia was inhabited by Byzantines, Goths, Lombards, but after the 11th century Apulia became a province, first of the kingdom of Sicily and later of the kingdom of Naples. Finally, this region joined Italy in 1861, after the aforementioned kingdoms were dissolved.

Provinces of the APULIA Region and original surnames

As a capital province it has Bari, Brindisi, Foggia, Taranto, Barletta-Andria-Tani and Lecce, with many tourist sites, such as the Tremiti islands, Torre Guaceto, Valle Itria, among others.


In the capital province the best known and / or common Italian surnames are: Lorusso, Cassano, Ranieri, Amoruso, Milella. Now in the Foggia province we can find the following: Bruno, Russo, Longo, Delli Carri, Scopece, but in Taranto there are: Albano, Basile, Pignatelli and Russo.

Within the Lecce province there are surnames such as: Greco, Rizzo, Quarta, Mazzotta, De Giorgi, on the other hand within Brindisi there are: Guadapuli, Greco, Saponaro and Romano. Finally, within Barletta-Andria-Tani the following predominate: Rizzi, Loruso, Leonetti, Doronzo and Filannino.

Southern ITALIAN Surnames in Calabria

Calabria is a beautiful region of Italy with a splendid climate, wonderful beaches and a perfect nature to venture out and discover new landscapes. If when traveling you are one of those who prefer the mountains or, on the contrary, enjoy the crystal clear sea, then Calabria is the ideal place for you, where you can live incredible moments and experiences!

Its capital is Catanzaro, but the city or province with the most population is Reggio Calabria. This beautiful region has an interesting history, as Calabria was first populated by the Oscan-speaking tribe who made contact with the Greeks who decided to settle along the coasts and inhabit provinces that today bear the name: Reggio Calabria and Crotona.

But not only did the Greeks take over a part of this region, in fact, they were conquered by the Oscan-speaking tribe and this tribe was subsequently conquered by the Romans.

Provinces of the CALABRIA Region and original surnames

The provinces belonging to the Calabria region are the following: Catanzaro, Cosenza, Vibo Valentía, Reggio Calabria and Crotone.


Among these provinces we can find original surnames such as: Greco, De Luca, Gallo, Russo, Laganá, Romeo, Morabito, Marino, Critelli, Mancuso, Arcuri, Spadafora, Pugliese, among others. These surnames predominate and are spread throughout the Calabria region.

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southern italian surnames


The Campania region is part of the 20 regions of Italy, this beautiful place has an incredible climate, beaches, mountains and many landscapes that you can enjoy when visiting it. But above all, Campania is art! And their history makes it a nice nice trip to remember.
Its towns are charming, and each one of them keep their traditions alive and monuments always present. In addition, Campania has been present in the center of the entities of Western civilization. Campania was colonized by the ancient Greeks and it was located within Magna Grecia, it was also inhabited by three groups of Itals and by the Roman Empire.
Currently Campania is the most populated area and one of its cities in which there are more inhabitants is the province of Naples. This province has become the center of the Renaissance where renowned artists and painters visit it.

Provinces of the Campania Region and original surnames

Campania is a region that is divided into 5 provinces which are the following: Avellino, Caserta, Salerno, Nápole and Benevento.


In each of these provinces of the Campania region the following surnames are spread: Fusco, Farina, Natale, Rossi, Festa, Cucciniello, Esposito, Romano, De Rosa, Maio, De luca, among others.

southern italian surnames

Sardinia (Surnames of South Italy)

Sardinia in Italian is pronounced Sardegna, it is one of the twenty regions that make up Italy. The most populated city is Cagliari. The approximate number of inhabitants that this region has is 1,656,960, and its name is Sardinian. Sardinia is the fourth region that is less populated in Italy. The economic conditions of this province are one of the best, it is in a good position compared to the middle southern regions.

This region is among the lowest in terms of fertility rate, in addition to having second place in birth rate. However, in recent years the population has increased, this due to immigration mainly from China, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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Provinces of the region and original surnames

Sardinia is a region that is divided into eight provinces, these being the following: Cagliari, Sassari, Nuoro, Oristan, Olbia-tempio Ogliastra, Carbonia-Iglesias and Medio Campidano. The most important surnames of these provinces are derived from each of them, among which the following stand out:


  • Cagliari: Melis, Sanna, Pirra, Serra and Lai
  • Sassari: Sanna, Pinna, Manca, Carta and Solinas
  • Nuoro: Sanna, Manca, Piras, Porcu and Solinas
  • Oristano: Sanna, Pinna, Serra, Piras and Carta
  • Olbia Tempo: Deiana, Spano, Derosas, Sanna and Degortes
southern italian surnames


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